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Batty Halloween Fun!

20 Oct

This Halloween, the Rodrigues flying foxes at Drusillas Park have been discovering that they are bats about pumpkin! The trick or treat troop have been hanging out and dinning on jack-o’-lanterns, ordered to decorate the Park during the half-term Shriek Week.

Known as flying foxes due to their size, fox-like features and ginger furry body, Rodrigues fruit bats are amongst the rarest bats in the world. In the wild they are only found on the island of Rodrigues, near Mauritiusin the Indian Ocean.

At the zoo, these large bats are much more used to a fruity feast of apples, bananas, oranges, kiwis, melons, peaches and plums. Nevertheless they also eat leaves, leaf eater pellets, insects and vegetables and the seasonal special made a very welcome change.

Pumpkins make the ideal animal snack as they are a great source of potassium, Vitamin A and they are also high in fibre. However due to their seasonal nature they are not often enjoyed by the residents of the zoo.

Delivering the animals’ meals in imaginative and unusual ways is part of the zoo’s daily enrichment programme. This ensures they receive a varied and diverse diet, as well as encouraging them to think and work for their food as they would in the wild.


Half Term Halloween Fun!

12 Oct

If you are bored of all your local haunts, stake out the fun at Drusillas Park over the Halloween period. Between Saturday 22nd and Monday 31st October, Drusillas have conjured up some fang-tastically spooky surprises to keep your little horrors half term happy.

Venture through the creepy cobwebbed corridors of The Haunted Cottage into the terror-tory of Winifred the witch, as she plays hide and shriek with the unsuspecting public! Be warned however, Winifred and her frightful cat can startle young children and those of a nervous disposition!!

Winifred and her fiendish tricksters have also buried a wealth of their witchy wares within the sandy hollows of Dino-Dig. Help Drusillas reverse Winifred’s spell and return to normality, by retrieving the items in exchange for a tasty treat.

Visitors can also jump aboard Thomas the Tank Engine to complete the Pumpkin Challenge and experience a hair-raising haul through the Spooky Tunnel. With all this, plus the usual animal magic it’s well worth hopping on your broomstick and flying to Drusillas.

Justin Fletcher Opens New Attraction at Drusillas Park

31 May

Cbeebies Superstar Justin Fletcher tumbled into award-winning Drusillas Park on Sunday 29th May to entertain visitors and officially open the zoo’s new attraction, Lory Landing which launched at the weekend.

Lory Landing is a walk-through aviary, where visitors can get up close and personal with a friendly flock of rainbow lorikeets; a brightly coloured parrot native to Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Australia.

The new attraction is located at the former Parrot Falls aviary, which has been enlarged and renovated to accommodate the new exhibit. Work has been underway throughout the winter months to ensure the exciting new attraction was ready on time. 

Known for his slapstick routines and various comedic characters, Justin Fletcher was the first presenter of pre-school programmes to be awarded a BAFTA for his work.  In 2008 he was appointed an MBE for services to children’s television and the voluntary sector.

Justin declared the attraction officially open by the cutting of a ribbon. Drusillas Park’s Managing Director, Christine Smith commented: “We are delighted that Justin agreed to open Lory Landing. It has been a real pleasure to welcome such a popular personality to the Park.”

Things to Do During May Half Term

20 May

As the kids break up this May half term get ready to soak up the fun at award winning Drusillas Park; the South East’s Visitor Attraction of the Year.

There is plenty to entertain the youngest to the oldest visitor including the zoo’s brand new attraction for 2011, Lory Landing due to open on 28th May.

This walk-through aviary offers visitors the opportunity to get up close and personal with a friendly flock of rainbows lorikeets; a brightly coloured parrot native to Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Australia.

Cbeebies Superstar, Justin Fletcher will also tumble into Drusillas on Sunday 29th May followed by Shaun the Sheep and Timmy on Bank Holiday Monday 30th May; ewe’d be crazy to miss it!

Plus there’s all the usual animal magic on offer with hundreds of exotic creatures in the zoo, oodles of adventure play and a Thomas & Friends™ train ride that runs daily.  

Half Term Events in Sussex

17 Feb

Creep down to Drusillas Park on Sunday 20th February and meet some amazing mini monsters at Creepy CrawliesThe Discovery Centre, open between 11am and 4pm, will be swarming with weird insects, slimy molluscs and scary spiders and experts from the British Tarantula Society will be available to answer questions.

Or enjoy some Animal Encounters with some of the Park’s friendliest residents on Wednesday 23rd February. Visitors will have the opportunity to get up close and personal with a range of species including snakes, chinchillas, cockroaches, rats and lizards and the Education Department will be on hand to inform the public about these wonderful creatures.

Plus the zoo which is already home to hundreds of fascinating and entertaining creatures, has introduced four gregarious Colobus Monkeys onto the zoo route. In the wild these large monkeys inhabit the forests of central Africa, where their numbers are declining due to habitat destruction and hunting. The troop consisting of one male and three females will form a breeding group.

For more information about all the exciting Character Appearences, Special Events and Seasonal Specials Drusillas has on this year click on the following link: The best events in Sussex!